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I was so fortunate to know someone of your calibre, it’s actually blessing for those that know you.  Thanks so much for your service Mrs O. 30 years of excellent service. Our country is in shortage of people like you. Thanks so much. I will definitely collect from Silversands reception.

Jed Ward

Hi Cheryl Thank you for all the hard work and assistance. We will definitely be doing business with you again when we plan our next break. You will get high recommendations when  we tell friends and family of your services offered. Have a great day further and thanks again. Best regards,


Good afternoon Cheryl Please accept my sincere gratitude for your assistance and the professional way it was conducted. We are realy impressed with your service and empathy.


Hi Cheryl You are excellent thank you! And more than efficient! Thank you! Waiting in anticipation!

Mike O’Sullivan

To whom it may concern I have dealt extensively with Mrs Otto for the last ten years in her capacity as COO of Gooderson leisure Corporation. During that time I have found her to be an exceedingly fair and reasonable individual. She is scrupulously honest in all of her dealings, forthright and can at all …

A Burger

Dear Cheryl, We have purchased and thank you for following up and the assistance. Not often we get this service anymore. Best regards

Mario and Ilona

My wife and I purchased a timeshare week through Timeshare Sentinel in September 2011. The service and continued feedback we received from Cheryl was nothing short of superb. Cheryl went to great lengths to satisfy my concern regarding the financial stability of the timeshare development and answered all my other questions promptly and in detail. …

Peter Watson

Hi Marlize and Cheryl, I confirm receipt of the proceeds of the sale of the above unit and would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your assistance, efficiency and professionalism in attending to all matter relating to the sale. Should you require any form of testimonial in support of this please let …

Janine Magree

I was extremely happy with the way the sale proceeded it was so quick and painless it felt as if I were buying something off the shelf at Woolies rather than concluding what I had supposed might be a complex, time-consuming deal involving frustrating trips to distant conveyancing offices and long wait-times for secretaries who …