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August 10, 2015

Limpopo Timeshare for Sale

Please tick the boxes of the week/s that are of interest to you, then complete and submit the form below.

CodeResortRegionGradingUnit SizeWeek No.Price 
L-102MabalingweLimpopoSilver CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeek 17R 19,900
L-103MabalingweLimpopoSilver CrownStudio 4 sleeperWeek 20R 15,000
L-105MabalingweLimpopoSilver CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeek 25R 16,500
L-110MabalingweLimpopoSilver CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeek 32R 19,950
L-112MabalingweLimpopoSilver CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeekend 15R 9,500
L-114MabalingweLimpopoSilver CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeekend 30R 9,500
L-115MabalingweLimpopoSilver CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeekend 37R 8,500
L-117MabulaLimpopoGold CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeek 16R 23,500
L-118MabulaLimpopoGold CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeek 24R 16,500
L-122MabulaLimpopoGold CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperWeek 32R 27,850
L-131Sondela Nature ReserveLimpopoGold CrownTwo bedroom 4 sleeperFlexi weekR 16,500
L-132Sondela Nature ReserveLimpopoGold CrownTwo bedroom 6 sleeperFlexi weekR 15,500
L-133Sondela Nature ReserveLimpopoGold CrownThree bedroom 8 sleeperFlexi weekR 29,950

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