Timeshare Sentinel is a full service timeshare resale specialist.


As a seller of a timeshare week/s, we offer a FREE listing service. Once you have registered your week for sale, you can expect your week to be listed on our website, furthermore, we will offer your week directly to the thousands of subscribers to our newsletter on a fortnightly basis. We spend a lot of time, effort and capital in achieving our marketing goals, in exchange for our efforts and our free listing service, we require a three month sole mandate on all weeks listed with our Company.


As you can see above, the weeks that are listed for sale on our site, are done so on a three month sole mandate basis, therefore, the listed inventory is exclusive to Timeshare Sentinel. In addition to this, all the weeks displayed on our website have a clean bill of health in respect of levy, initial purchase price, clearances and ownership verification.

By clicking on our Timeshare for Sale banner on the home page, you can browse all the timeshare weeks listed with our Company.

Right from your initial enquiry to receiving your Share Certificates as proof of ownership, you can always count on a friendly, knowledgeable and efficient experience with the Timeshare Sentinel team.

Selling Process

Once the registration form has been completed and submitted to Timeshare Sentinel, the seller will be contacted by us to discuss the desired selling price as well as the commission that will be agreed upon.In order to avoid offering stock that no longer exists, we require a 3 (three month) sole mandate to market and dispose of your week/s of timeshare. Please click the relevant block on the registration page to accept these terms and conditions.

Once an offer has been accepted by the seller, all the relevant documentation will be distributed for signature to the parties concerned and forwarded to the applicable Resort Management company or Transferring Attorneys for processing and issuing of Share Certificates or Title Deeds respectively. Updates on the transfer process will be sent to both parties on a fortnightly basis.

All funds deposited in respect of the purchase price, will be paid into a trust account. The funds can & will only be paid to the seller once the transfer is complete. No negotiation will be entertained in respect of the early release of funds.By far, the majority of Timeshare resorts in South Africa operate on either a Shareblock or Sectional Title basis. The documentation required for Shareblock transfers is in the form of a simple Cession Agreement or Limited Power of Attorney whereby the current owner (Cedent) cedes his rights, title and interest in the Shareblock company to the buyer (Cessionary) who accepts – a CM42 Transfer of Shares form is also completed. In this case, the transfer process takes approximately 8-12 weeks.

In the case of a Sectional Title transfer, this is handled by Resort’s nominated Transfer Attorney and this process takes approximately 10 to 14 weeks as the documentation needs to be lodged at the Deeds Office.

Registration Form

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Transfer Assistance

Buying or selling timeshare privately? We can assist you with the transfer process by distributing all the required documentation to the buyer and seller as well as the submission of the paperwork to the correct entities. Over and above the standard  costs and resort transfer fees applicable, we charge a flat rate of R1,995 per week for this service. We will supply fortnightly updates on the progress of the transfer process.

Furthermore, we are only willing to assist on condition that the buyer deposits the funds into a nominated trust account.  Regrettably, transfer assistance is only available to owners of conventional timeshare weeks.

Please contact us should you wish to make further enquiries about this service.