Exchange with DAE

One of the most attractive features of timesharing is the ability to exchange your timeshare week for another. Through such exchanges, you can obtain timeshare accommodations in desirable vacation locations throughout the world. Exchanging also allows you to vacation at different times of the year, even if you own a fixed week. The most common exchange method is through a timeshare exchange company. To do this, you “deposit” your week with the exchange company. As other owners deposit their weeks, the exchange company builds up an inventory of weeks that are available for exchanges.

These weeks then become available to all members of that exchange company to use. Note that the owner of the week you exchange for will almost never be the person who receives the week you deposit. Typically when a timeshare week is purchased directly from a developer you will receive free membership to an exchange company for a limited period of time. As a timeshare owner you have the right to choose which exchange company to use. Currently in South Africa the three most popular exchange companies for conventional timeshare owners are: RCI – (Resort Condominiums International) – Sunswop – Southern Sun Exchange System – Daelive – Dial an Exchange –